October 21, 2016

Graduate Lounge 3:30pm
Representatives in Attendance:
Asma Atique, Julie Falck, Tamara Burnett, Sanaa Ahmed, , Dana Phillips, Rahina Zarma, Sara Ross, David Hughes (via telephone), Sas Ansari (via telephone), Chris Albinati, Joanne Prince (Secretary)
Regrets: ), Robert Boissonneault, Matthew Dylag, Gerard Kennedy, Dustin Klaudt, Jake Okechukwu Effoduh, Klodian Rado, , Odelia Bay.

1. Asma calls the meeting to order asks for Committee Reports.

2. Osgoode Graduate Studies Committee –Julie & David
Meeting with Palma Paccicco to discuss workshop for March 2017 for Graduate Student seminars such as “extended proposal” What other seminars would the graduate students like/need? What are graduate student challenges Asma will present at November Graduate Studies Meeting.

3. Osgoode Equality Committee – Dana
Formal approval of the student wellness and safety counselor as a safe resource for students.
Updated employment equity policy –a review of how equity factors are being weighted to reflect equity representation.

4. JD Admissions – Sas
Discussion of revision of questions that are asked in interviews.
Push to increase diversity – look at ways to obtain more diversity not relying on the LSAT and grades alone.
What is being done to reach out and encourage students from equity seeking groups to apply?

5. YUGSA – Dustin will send update

6. Budget/Funding – Tamera
Operating Grant Fund – requires a budget to be sent before November 15, 2016.
Discussion of graduate student levy to provide stable funding for the GLSA and yearly conference. Requirement of referendum and 50% approval from student body.
Other sources of funding: Law Foundation.

Action Item
Asma, Sara, Tamara, Dustin and Sonia Lawrence

7. Library Committee Meeting = Rahina
Meeting November 3, 2016 -New themes from Library –Rahina will distribute document
Discussion of computer and printing allotment.

8. CUPE Committee – Julie and Asma
Discussion of strategies of challenging fellowship funding, Loss of almost 700 Unit 3 jobs lost and with them health benefits.
CUPE wishes to reach out to new students –in and outside the union.

9. Conference Sub Committe– Sanaa
Theme Canada 150 –outsiders, century and legacy.

10. Other Discussions
Mentorship – and doodle poll –suggestion an informal grad student meeting to connect senior students with new ones.

11. Socials
Next one Wednesday October 26, 2016 Snake & Lattes 600 Bloor Street West 6:30pm
Check Facebook, GLSA website

Meeting Adjourned