Conference 2017

GLSA Conference 2017
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Osgoode Graduate Students’ Conference Program 2017

Dear Participants,

Please note the Presentation Guidelines are available in the Conference Information document.

Looking forward to your presentations!

GLSA Conference Committee 2017


Dear Participants and Attendees,

Please find the Osgoode Graduate Students’ Conference Program above.
Please refer to the e-mail for the Dropbox link for Papers and Presentation Outlines.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Asma Atique
Sanaa Ahmed


Dear Participants,

If you have not already, this is a friendly reminder to register for “Rights Right Now: Classic, Contemporary and Alternative Approaches”, the 2017 Graduate Law Students’ Conference at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Registration fees are $40, payable here: Please find attached the registration form and a draft of the Agenda. The deadline to pay the fees and to return the registration form is February 12, 2017.

We also encourage you to submit your final paper (or an outline of your presentation) to by February 12, 2017. This will help the faculty respondents and our colleagues engage with your project in a more substantive manner and provide useful feedback.

Finally, a new feature we’re introducing at this year’s GLSA conference is the One-Minute Research project. Most of our work as scholars is about explaining to the world why they should care about what we care about. The One-Minute Research challenge is to shoot a one-minute video describing your conference research topic and its significance. The videos do not need to be professionally filmed — a video shot on phone at your desk is fine — but should help explain why you do what you do (and why people should come hear you at the conference). These videos will be posted on our website and from our GLSA Twitter account as a celebration of the diversity of research interests at the conference. The video submissions are not mandatory but are a fun way to reach wider audiences (and get a snapshot of other people’s projects) and we encourage you to email us the same.

Should you have any questions, send us an email and we will be happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto very soon!


Sanaa Ahmed, Conference Chair
Asma Atique, GLSA Chair
2017 Osgoode Hall GLSA Conference Committee