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The Graduate Law Students Association (the “GLSA”) includes all graduate members in the research stream of the Osgoode Hall Law School LL.M. and Ph.D. programs. As one of the world’s premier law schools, Osgoode Hall attracts top graduate students. Our organization’s membership is global and diverse, attracting graduates from some of the finest law schools and universities in the world, including Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, NYU and Columbia, as well as from leading multinational law firms.

Established in 1889 and possessing the largest law library in Canada, Osgoode Hall Law School is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in legal education and research. Our graduate students produce many published articles in leading journals and books while completing their dissertations, and our graduate alumni have obtained academic positions at several leading law schools in Canada and internationally.

The members of the GLSA executive are proud of its important role in continuing Osgoode Hall’s traditions. In particular, the GLSA mandate is to foster a vibrant intellectual community among graduate students, the legal profession and faculty. We annually sponsor the Osgoode Hall Law Conference, continuing the Osgoode Hall Law School tradition of showcasing and advancing the careers of Canada’s finest young scholars, future academics, and teachers.

We also sponsor and engage in several social activities over the course of the year, which fosters a sense of community and collegiality among graduate students. We hope you will consider attending Osgoode Hall Law School and joining the GLSA.

Graduate Law Students Association
Osgoode Hall Law School
Toronto, Canada.

GLSA Members

The objective of the GLSA is to provide a social and academic environment that supports a wide range of voices and perspectives with regard to the graduate program and to become an active partner in the development of the program. The GLSA also plays an active role in the life of the law school and university communities.

The GLSA executive is an elected body and is composed of the Chair/Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Director and the graduate student representatives on a number of committees.